Uganda Online Art Consortium
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Rees Clark
Registered Feb 2008
Interests, personal statement...
Clark Internet is happy to provide this website for Ugandart.
New version coming soon. Link your membership to other social and professional networks.

Recent Updates

Working on a display bug wherein exhibitor's member view does not link properly to catalog items.
7290 28 Mar 2016
Repaired a display bug in the catalog; this would be a great time to invest in a new artwork item!
797 16 Feb 2013 Link
Tracked down a display bug in profile page. If you had a problem today trying to access your profile please retry.
780 22 Jan 2013
Reviewing member features for new portfolio feature.
778 20 Jan 2013
Wishing I could go to Ug with Tom, but no soap; family visiting Seattle same time. Soon, I hope.
724 31 Jul 2012
We're close to opening the system to members for updating and blogging. Watch the news for an announcement in early April!
681 27 Mar 2012
We've made the Catalog link visible in the Gallery. Now you can find the Catalog two different ways.
667 7 Mar 2012
If you're in the NY metro area, visit the Ugandart exhibit from Dec 9 through Jan 29.
572 5 Dec 2011 Link
Enjoyed reading new Kiganda column.
557 1 Nov 2011

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