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Uganda Online Art Consortium
Fire destroys Uganda Art Consortium Studio in Namungona
A disastrous fire swept through Uganda Art Consortium studios in Namungona in the middle of the night May 4, destroying dozens of artworks and hundreds of dollars in supplies destined for children's art workshops conducted by James Nsamba and Farouk Mukwaya. No one was injured, but the small wooden metal-roofed building was completely destroyed, and nothing could be salvaged from the ashes. In the photo at left, James Nsamba (in white hat) sits disconsolately amidst the ashes. More photos of the fire here.

The building was also the home of Universal Designs, the commercial art firm operated by Nsamba and Mukwaya who are now without the means to make a living. No one could say how the fire started. But in the crowded lanes of Namungona open cooking fires, trash fires, charcoal burners and kerosene lamps are constant hazards, and accidental fires are frequent. In Namungona, the fire department normally arrives too late, if at all.

Please help us rebuild

James and Farouk will need at least US$2500 to rebuild the studio, replace the lost art materials, and continue our services to children in the Namungona area. Your contribution is tax-deductible in the USA. Please send an instant gift, or send a check to Kisa Foundation USA, 400 Whittier St NW, Washington DC 20012.
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