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Tusiime Teaches Art Styles in Boston
The kids art program at South End Settlements in Boston, Massachusetts, is world famous. In 2013, Ugandart member Mathias Tusiime led a workshop for chlldren in which they experienced with East African art themes and materials during a US visit.

Twelve local children. took part in the three hour session. Tusiime provided pictures and stories about Uganda. After learning about African culture and traditions, kids drew their impressions.

In a parallel activity, the kids learned how to make their own paper. First they created a mat of sisal fiber to provide strength for the paper. Next they mixed raw materials, Cassava flour and shredded newsprint. They then spread the goop over the matrix. After forming, the finished mat has to dry before it can be painted on.

In appreciation of her work presenting Ugandan art to Boston art lovers, Tusiime presented Jackie McRath with one of his paintings.

The adjacent graphic shows Tusiime with a Children's Art Centre staff member. Click the following link for more photos.

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