Uganda Online Art Consortium
Yusuf Ssali and Sophia Barker are working on a new bark cloth artwork
The artwork is a commissioned piece which uses bark cloth, seashells, found objects, woven fabrics and acryllic paint to create a deeply textured and dramatic work of art. Barker came to th U.S. for two months specifically to work on the project with Yusuf Ssali. Bark cloth is a traditional Ugandan material which is made from the bark of the Mutuba tree. It has been used for religious ceremonies for over 500 years.
Christian Diego, Student of the Month
CHRISTIAN DIEGO IS STUDENT OF THE MONTH AT NAMUNGOONA CHILDREN'S ART CENTER--- Christian, 13, is a refugee from Democratic Republic of the Congo. He attends Namungoona Orthodox Primary School. He started coming to Children’s Art Center in 2017 and attends nearly every day. He is a talented painter and is now learning to make sculpture using wire armatures and papier mache.